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Tension Movie Edition

SRP £20.00
  • Great for film fanatics
  • 200 movie related topics
  • Compatible with Tension Family

Tension Movie Edition
Tension Movie Edition
Tension Movie Edition
Tension Movie Edition


This blockbuster of a movie game will have you calling out things from a whole host of film related topics. You could be recalling anything from ’10 Musical Movies’ to ’10 Films Featuring Dogs’… ’10 Bald Actors’ to ’10 Hollywood Hunks’! Great fun for film lovers, Tension Movie Edition is fast, frantic and furious fun for two teams of players. Can you handle the Tension?

Can be played with Tension Family Edition or as a stand alone game.

Suits Ages 12+    2 Teams


Product Name: Tension Movie Edition
Product Code: 06154
Suitability: 12+
Dimensions (mm): 268 x 200 x 50
Weight (g): 536
Barcode: 5015766006154
SRP: £20.00
Availability: In stock