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  • Can you crack the case?
  • Who, where, how and why?
  • Interlinking train game board



Sharpen your pencils and prepare to test your powers of deduction in the solve-it-yourself, who did it game of Sleuth! During a roller-coaster ride aboard the Oriental Express a deadly crime has been committed … and only you can solve it! You all play the role of a famous detective - from Sheerluck Homes to Missing Marbles - as you move from carriage to carriage solving clues to catch the criminal.

Suits Ages 10+    2-6 Players


Product Name: Sleuth!
Product Code: 51017
Suitability: 10+
Dimensions (mm): 270 x 270 x 70
Weight (g): 301
Barcode: 5015766051017
SRP: £20.00
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