Shadow Ninjas

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  • Strategy game
  • Outwit your opponents
  • A game of stealth

Shadow Ninjas


Covert Ninja cats try to outwit the Shogun’s Samurai Guard Dogs in an attempt to devour his precious koi carp. Players either take on the roles of Stealthy Ninjas trying to infiltrate the mansion, or they can choose to be the Loyal Guards protecting the fishy treasure. Nerves of steal and a good poker face are needed to outsmart and outmanoeuvre your opponents. Don’t take your eyes off the board as it all could change in an instant in this cunning game of catch and concealment!

Suits Ages 8+    2-5 Players


Product Name: Shadow Ninjas
Product Code: 16370
Suitability: 8+
Dimensions (mm): 240 x 240 x 62
Weight (g): 802
Barcode: 625012163705
SRP: £20.00
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