Next 5 Words

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  • Quick-fire fun
  • Lyric guessing game
  • Musical mayhem

Next 5 Words
Next 5 Words
Next 5 Words


Do you know your song lyrics? Next 5 Words is a quick-fire lyric guessing game for all the family. Appoint a DJ, open a music streaming service that displays song lyrics, choose the genre and off you go. The DJ stops the music at a random point, and then it's a race to roll a musical note and sing or say the Next 5 Words correctly. It’s non-stop musical mayhem!

Suits Ages 8+  3+ Players


Product Name: Next 5 Words
Product Code: 18225
Suitability: 8+
Dimensions (mm): 105 x 80 x 35
Weight (g): 121
Barcode: 5015766018225
SRP: £8.00
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