Horse Opoly

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  • The Horse-Opoly game
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Horse Opoly
Horse Opoly
Horse Opoly


Horse-Opoly is a property trading game based on our equine animal friends. It's a game that actually encourages horseplay! The board features different breeds of horses while each property deed teaches players a little about that breed of horse. Tokens include a bail of hay, saddle, horseshoe, horse trailer, bag of oats and a boot. So hop in the saddle and take this game for a ride. 

Suits Ages 8+   2-6 Players


Product Name: Horse Opoly
Product Code: 73002
Suitability: 8+
Dimensions (mm): 390 x 270 x 52
Weight (g): 924
Barcode: 5015766073002
SRP: £25.00
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