Games 2 Go: Gabble

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  • Take anywhere card games
  • Holds all necessary components
  • Resettable scoring buttons

Games 2 Go: Gabble
Games 2 Go: Gabble
Games 2 Go: Gabble
Games 2 Go: Gabble


Quick-fire fun, Gabble is a frantic race against the clock to describe people, places and things for your team-mates to try and guess. The more you can describe the more you’ll score! Slip a card out of the dispenser and then score using the snappy little poppers on either side. Take on holiday or play on the move... Games 2 Go Gabble is the perfect carry out card game!

 Suits Ages 12+    2 Teams


Product Name: Games 2 Go: Gabble
Product Code: 58016
Suitability: 12+
Dimensions (mm): 170 x 120 x 50
Weight (g): 237
Barcode: 5015766058016
SRP: £10.00
Availability: In stock

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