Engenius: Bounce Marble Run

SRP £20.00
  • Watch in wonder
  • Motor-driven lift
  • Absolutely entrancing

Engenius: Bounce Marble Run
Engenius: Bounce Marble Run
Engenius: Bounce Marble Run


Renowned winner of ‘Gift of the Year’, the ‘Engenius Contraption’ series is growing... and this exciting new addition to the range will soon be turning heads.  The all-new motor-driven lift raises a column of marbles, ejected one by one down a slide and onto a series of miniature trampettes... the balls bouncing from one to the next before returning via the spiral hopper. It’s a brilliant and stimulating construction kit that has a guaranteed ‘wow’ factor!

Suits Ages 10+


Product Name: Engenius: Bounce Marble Run
Product Code: 81045
Suitability: 10+
Dimensions (mm): 385 x 240 x 46
Weight (g): 846
Barcode: 5015766081045
SRP: £20.00
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