Dino Opoly

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Dino Opoly
Dino Opoly
Dino Opoly


Go back in time with Dino-Opoly. This classic board game lets you follow in the ancient footsteps of dinosaurs who ruled the planet for 160 million years! Show your brave heart and discover the mysteries of these magnificent creatures without getting extinct. Let's play! Tokens include: Pick axe, raptor claw, stegosaurus, hatching egg, t-rex skull, fossil.

Suits Ages 8+   2-6 Players


Product Name: Dino Opoly
Product Code: 05057
Suitability: 8+
Dimensions (mm): 390 x 270 x 52
Weight (g): 924
Barcode: 5015766005057
SRP: £25.00
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