Bulldog Opoly

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  • The Bulldog-Opoly game
  • Fun tokens
  • Go fetch!

Bulldog Opoly
Bulldog Opoly
Bulldog Opoly


Challenge your friends to Bulldog-Opoly, the bulldog-themed take on the classic board game. Roll the dice to advance around the board and purchase dog toys and bones to treat your furry friend. Don't forget to collect rent whenever someone lands on your spot! Find your inner bulldog enthusiast and have some fun!

Suits Ages 8+   2-6 Players


Product Name: Bulldog Opoly
Product Code: 73118
Suitability: 8+
Dimensions (mm): 390 x 270 x 52
Weight (g): 924
Barcode: 5015766073118
SRP: £25.00
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