Best to Wurst

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  • Laugh a minute
  • No right or wrong answers
  • Family fun

Best to Wurst
Best to Wurst


It’s the hilarious game with no right or wrong answers… it’s just that some are funnier than others. You’re asked to name ‘A new sausage flavour’… what might you write? ‘Cheese and Hedgehog’…? ‘Fish and Chips’…? Or possibly even ‘Curried Banana?!’ Everyone writes down their answers – all at the same time – and then there’s a vote. If your answer is declared the BEST or the WURST (pun intended!) you score points. It’s a laugh a minute as you listen to the crazy answers your friends dream up!

Suits Ages 14+   3+ Players


Product Name: Best to Wurst
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Suitability: 14+
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