Micro Blaster X-Bow

SRP £120.00
  • Fires cotton buds
  • Shoots up to 6m!
  • Clips on a belt or bag

Micro Blaster X-Bow
Micro Blaster X-Bow
Micro Blaster X-Bow


X-Bow launches a cotton bud up to 6 metres! Pull back the bow’s cord until it rests in the notch. Insert a bud and pull down the launch ring to fire! Includes 25 cotton buds.

Suits Ages 8+


Product Name: Micro Blasters X Bow
Product Code: 43029
Suitability: 8+
Dimensions (mm): 165 x 150 x 20
Weight (g): 50
Barcode: 5015766043029
SRP: £4.99
Availability: In stock