No Way!

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  • Unbelievable truths & convincing lies
  • Can you keep a poker face?
  • Great bluffing game for dinner parties

No Way!
No Way!
No Way!
No Way!


The game of bluff, lies and surprise! Can you con your way to victory? Can you sniff out the bluffs and the downright lies? You'll learn some amazing, weird and wonderful ‘facts’ along the way, but to win in this game it's not what you know… it’s the way that you tell it! You can choose to speak the truth - it's often stranger than fiction - or try to lie with a straight face. Select from the wacky but oddly believable falsehoods on the card, or take the plunge with a Double Bluff entirely of your own invention… that could double your points! Fortune favours the brave. Rejoice as your fellow players struggle to separate the facts from the fake news in this brilliantly believable bluffing game!

Suits Ages 12+   2+ Players


Product Name: No Way!
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Suitability: 12+
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