Engenius: Rotating Globe

SRP £34.99
  • Rotating globe
  • Absorbing to build
  • Fun and educational

Engenius: Rotating Globe
Engenius: Rotating Globe
Engenius: Rotating Globe


Combining old-world looks, the green credentials of wood instead of plastic, this globe is a truly captivating contraption.

A challenging puzzle to assemble, the kit is equally rewarding to put together as it is to see in action. Elegantly engineered, the globe comes complete with a drive mechanism to set it quietly rotating. It will run for up to an hour, almost imperceptively turning the globe every 20 minutes. 

Fun and educational, it's a must for every mantlepiece!

Age: 10+


Product Name: Engenius: Rotating Globe
Product Code: 81014
Pack Quantity: 6
Suitability: 10+
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Barcode: 5015766081014
SRP: £34.99
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